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Go, often known as Golang or Go language, is a statically typed, compiled high-level open-source programming language created by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson at Google. It has swiftly garnered astonishing popularity and has established itself as one of the main modern programming languages. Go is designed to be easy to learn, simple to use, and easy to read for other developers. Go's feature set is limited, especially when compared to languages like C++. The syntax of Go is similar to that of C, making it very simple to learn for experienced C developers.

However, many aspects of Go web programming, particularly its concurrency and functional programming features, are reminiscent of Erlang. Go, being a C-like language for developing and managing cross-platform corporate programs of all kinds, shares many similarities with Java. And you could draw a parallel between Go and Python in terms of enabling rapid development of code that can run anywhere, though the differences are far greater than the similarities.


Benefits of Go Language

Go's intelligent library, consistent speed, strong security, and readable syntax make it ideal for Web 3.0 development. The open-source programming language Go is still rather new. The demands of developers working on big projects were taken into consideration when Google created it. Go provides us with advantages like:

Programming convenience

In its ability to meet many common programming needs, Go has been compared to scripting languages such as Python. Some of this capability is built into the language, such as "goroutines" for concurrency and threadlike behavior, while others are accessed via Go standard library packages, such as Go's ‘http’ package. Go, like Python, has automated memory management, including garbage collection.

Development speed

Go binaries are slower than C binaries, but the difference is insignificant for most applications. For the majority of the programs we create, Go outperforms C and is typically significantly quicker than other languages noted for their development speed (e.g., JavaScript, Python, and Ruby).

Broad support scope

Go's toolchain is accessible as a binary for Linux, MacOS, and Windows, including Docker. Popular Linux distributions like Red Hat and Fedora come with Go by default, facilitating deployment. It is well-supported in various third-party programming environments like Visual Studio Code and Komodo IDE.


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Why Choose us for GoLang
web development?

Full-stack web development company Codezeros has in-depth expertise in all aspects of Golang software development. Our committed developers can produce a broad range of Web 3.0 application solutions since they have extensive subject understanding. Businesses from all across the world utilize our Go Web programming services because:

Distributed network services

We know how to leverage Go's natural concurrency features—goroutines and channels, in particular— for networking, distributed functions, such as APIs, web servers, and blockchain transaction systems.

Cloud-native development

Go's networking capabilities offer us a high degree of portability, making it ideal for developing cloud-native computing pillars such as Docker and Kubernetes for our clients.

Rapid development cycle

Go web development is made simpler by its straightforward and clear syntax, which also makes it simpler to grasp and maintain than other languages. This allows us to construct blockchain applications more quickly.

Stable and scalable applications

We are well-versed with Go’s automatic garbage collection properties that allows us to develop blockchain applications that offer effective memory management, thereby assisting with the scalability of your deliverables.

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