Oracle Blockchain Development Company

Connect your smart contracts with high-quality Oracle Based Data Feeds

Infrastructure that is highly decentralized, dependable, and secure

In order to assist assure high dependability, Chainlink Data Feeds are powered by networks of independent, well-respected, and widely dispersed node operators.

Sources of high-quality data free from modification

Data is gathered from a number of premium, authorized APIs and combined into a certified response, eliminating any potential single point of failure.

Show users the end-to-end security of your smart contracts

Operators of Sybil-resistant nodes use software that has been in use for years and has undergone security audits, helping to safeguard tens of billions of assets.

Full transparency via the immutability of the blockchain

Users are given the option to audit any Data Feed in real-time using a variety of third-party interfaces thanks to easily verifiable and immutable on-chain data.

A regularly updated, open, and shareable data resource

Chainlink Data Feeds are developed and supported by an ever-expanding open-source community, ensuring the long-term viability of your hybrid smart contracts.

Smart contracts can be supported globally across all blockchains

Chainlink Data Feeds, a blockchain-agnostic infrastructure, support all blockchain networks and update at each chain's native speed and cost.

The most common questions

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